Covid-19 Virginia Recovery

Combining science and common sense to find real solutions for the working families of Virginia Beach’s 85th District. 


As a working mom who founded and developed her own successful business, Karen understands the uncertainty many businesses face in the age of Covid-19.  These issues are not Republican or Democratic issues, but Real, Everyday Problems that people in our community are facing.  Being a Delegate is about more than submitting bills, it is also about advocating for those without a voice, bringing people together for change, and it is about bringing those stakeholders together to focus on solutions.  Our community is in this together, and we need a leader who has the desire and fortitude to navigate these difficult times.

Covid-19 Business Recovery Solutions

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our local Virginia Beach community. Covid-19 has brought with it hardship and uncertainty, requiring businesses to make drastic changes in order to meet Covid-19 health and safety requirements.  

As your Delegate, Karen will champion Covid-19 business recovery solutions:

  • Support modification of Covid-19 requirements for small businesses struggling to survive and unable to compete against large chain operations
  • Push for small business assistance in the form of grants and loans to help reopen those forced to close due to Covid restrictions
  • Partner with Tidewater Community College to allow the retraining and re-certification of displaced workers
  • Oppose burdensome tax hikes on small businesses 
  • Remove the unreasonable restrictions on our Virginia Beach restaurants
  • Brainstorm with business owners to develop ways to meet the safety needs of our citizens without damaging our business community.
Public Health and Vaccine Administration

Virginia Beach residents should not have to drive to North Carolina to receive the vaccine. Under Governor Northam and my opponent’s lack of leadership, Virginia has performed poorly compared with other states in terms of vaccine distribution.  As your Delegate, I will fight for accountability in vaccine distribution and ensure that all citizens who want the vaccine will have access to the vaccine accordingly.  No citizen should be discriminated against based on race, gender, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation in receiving the vaccine. 

Safely Re-Open DMV

Virginians are struggling to acquire timely services from the Virginia DMV.  Virginia Beach residents are facing an unreasonably long waiting period to schedule an appointment with the DMV.  Many of our seniors and financially burdened individuals do not have internet access to schedule an appointment.  Solutions include extending DMV hours and hiring temporary personnel to complete basic processes such as renewal.  There must be a return to normalcy regarding our Virginia DMV offices.

The Housing Crisis

During such a trying time, it is unimaginable to think that many people in our community are on the brink of losing their home.  While attempts have been made to protect those most vulnerable to losing their homes, many of these policies may reduce the availabity of affordable housing.  Well-meaning legislators too often, in their desire to help, make unwise decisions.  Addressing the current housing problems faced by our citizens requires evaluating all facets of the issue, and including all stakeholders in the discussion.  A safe and stable home is the bedrock of life and Virginia Beach families deserve the opportunity to maintain their home.  

Due to unforeseen circumstances stemming from Covid-19, we could see a rise in our homeless population. Plans must be developed and enacted NOW to be able to adequately provide assistance to at risk community members. 

Safely Reopen Virginia Beach Public Schools and Associate Childcare Programs

Our children's education and wellness should be our top priority as a community.  Children are struggling academically, while mental and emotional issues are rising.  Karen supported the bipartisan effort led by State Senator Peterson (D) with Senator Morrissay (D) and Senator Siobhan Dunnavant (R) to require all Virginia Public Schools offer an in-person option before July.  

Across Virginia Beach, the lack of affordable and safe childcare due to Covid-19 restrictions has led to many families choosing between groceries and being able to go to work without leaving their underage child at home. As a working mother, Karen knows the importance of reopening our childcare facilities.